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The ambiguous ramblings of a high school FRZEAK! That shiuld be the title of my LJ if it could have a title. I was reading my old entries and I relaized that I don't know what I am talking about when I look back. They don't make any sense anymore. They just fill up space. That's the thing with some memories, they are completely useless when you forget why you were in such a horrid state and why you were sad. 

Now to fill up more space...

Apparently the saying "You are what you eat" should be changed "You are your worst nightmare". That sounds very harsh. It isn't meant to sound harsh. I've just noticed that I've always looked down on people who take Junior Prom too seriously. Apparently, I have turned into one of them. Almost... I can still scoff at those who take a limo to the junior semi-formal.


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