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In response to Steph's post...
I basically have to say the same thing.

I am overloaded with homework and I still need to do sooo much other stuff like Math Team and study for the SAT and the PSAT which are coming up soon. The maximum amount of sleep I get per night is about 5 hours which is not good at all. However, not to sound nerdy, but I like school and the homework itself isn't that annoying. 

I feel apathetic towards life and people right now, like RIGHT NOW. I am very friendly though to people. I just want to be alone sometimes. Speaking of which, I do not have a social life, not that I need one. I also want something, something marvelous to happen but it won't. And I don't exactly know for sure what it is that I want to happen. I have a pretty good idea but it varies very often. I do not know.


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